The Effects of Probiotics on Athletes with Anxiety, Stress, and Mood

Stress and Anxiety among Badminton Players

Exercise can be good for our health because it helps us digest food better and ensures we get all the nutrients we need from what we eat. However, if you do too much exercise at one time or if the intensity of the exercise is too high, then it could hurt your stomach and make you feel sick or uncomfortable. 

Athletes are prone to the ill effects of high-intensity exercises, which sometimes end up leading to   stress and anxiety.

Stress and anxiety can make athletes more likely to get sick or injured. When people are stressed, they have a fight-or-flight response, which makes them feel nervous and scared. 

They also have a sympathetic response, which means that their body is preparing for danger. When people are anxious, they feel nervous and worried about something bad happening. 

Probiotics can help you stay healthy and improve your athletic performance. In this study, probiotics were used to determine if daily probiotic supplementation would have any effect on stress, anxiety, mood, and fitness levels among badminton players.

The Study Conducted on 30 Badminton Players Who Drank Either Placebo or Probiotic Drink

30 badminton players were recruited for the study. They were all healthy and did not have any psychological disorders or chronic diseases. 

All the players had the same training regimen for 6 weeks, but some of them drank a probiotic drink and others drank a placebo drink. 

The coach was told not to change their training regime during the study period. If there are any differences between the experimental group and placebo group, it is because of what they drank during the study period.

The Result of the Probiotic Study

After six weeks of intervention, only slight changes were observed in Body Mass Index, body fat percentage, and fat mass in players from both groups. However, the Probiotic Group players recorded a reduction in body fat.

The probiotic group players also recorded a significant reduction in anxiety and stress. While the placebo group players did not show any significant changes in any psychological variables.

Probiotic and Placebo players had similar aerobic capacity, speed, agility, hand strength and leg power at the beginning of the study. However, after probiotic treatment, the aerobic capacity of Probiotic group players had significantly increased.

The Conclusion on the Use of Probiotics for Athletes

Probiotics are good bacteria that live in your intestines and help you digest food. The study found that probiotics helped the athletes’ aerobic capacity, speed, agility, hand strength, and leg power.

The study also showed that stress and anxiety in badminton players could be alleviated with the daily consumption of probiotics for six weeks.

Overall, this study found that when athletes take probiotics, they feel less stressed and have more energy to play their sport.


Effects Of Probiotics On Anxiety, Stress, Mood And Fitness Of Badminton Players

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