How Heat-Killed Probiotics May Improve Oral Immunity

The Oral-Nasal Mucosa is the Frontline Defense of the Human Immune System

Usually, an infection enters through the mouth or nose, fighting against the local immune system and healthy microbiota. When a person has an infection, inflammation and symptoms can develop due to immune responses against the invading pathogenic viruses and bacteria.

Researchers have discovered that the bacteria in your mouth can help protect the body against viruses and other bacteria. This study tested whether a probiotic tablet with live bacteria and a probiotic tablet with dead bacteria will help the immune system.

The Study on Probiotics and Oral Immunity

In this study, 45 healthy people were divided into three groups, each group having 15 participants. One group took a pill that contained live bacteria, one group took a pill that contained dead bacteria, and the last group took a placebo. They all took the pills three times a day for four weeks. The researchers collected saliva samples from people, measured the amount of IgA in the saliva, and looked at the different types of bacteria.

Results of the study

The study found that the heat-killed probiotics had many benefits as live probiotics but without some of the safety concerns. The researchers also found that the antimicrobial components of heat-killed probiotics should be verified further.


The immune system has a frontline defense that is called oral-nasal mucosal immunity. This study will offer an alternative approach to maintaining oral health and immunity.


Viable And Heat-Killed Probiotic Strains Improve Oral Immunity

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